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Good evening,

some time ago, I was thinking about gathering all the things I’d learn about machine learning in one place. I like mind maps, cause they allow me to see the whole problem from the “bird point of view”. I took one of the graphs implemented by Nicolas Garcia Belmonte and modified it slightly for my own purposes.

Below you have a live result:


You can open it as a separate site, here (useful when you’re using mobile device).

It’s kind of empty at the moment but I promise – it’s going to fill up very fast. Observe it if you want to follow my progress and awareness around machine learning field. I’m going to update the graph constantly (more often than publishing new posts) and put important information, links and other resources as notes, which are displayed on the right side of the mind map. You can click each node to change the subject.

The code is available here. It’s not directly related to machine learning, so I’m not going to dive into details of JavaScript stuff, because we aren’t interested in that much, are we? 🙂

I’ve mapped the whole repository to extras/ path so all code from Github will be available at .


It seems like all preparations are done!

The next post will be, finally, about ML itself.

Stay tuned.


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